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Vellum Venom Vignette: The Brazil Vacation, Part III



A Fashionable Savior for the Budget Minded?

Rio is full of beauty: beaches, gorgeous people on said beaches, delicious caipirinhas served beachside andwait for ita healthy alternative to DLO FAIL.

Yes, a way out from the infestation of black plastic cheater panels: triangles of FAIL that plague Car Design from the cheapest subcompact to the most flagship-iest Cadillac.

IMG_4181It's amazing what happens by removing the A-pillar's black plastic trim and affixing the mirror directly to the coachwork. Hailing a DLO FAIL free cab in Rio portends to an honesty that all machines need.

IMG_4171Indeed, the first generation Dacia/Renault Logan is a respectable design, bargain basement budget and lack of snob-appeal aside. The redesigned Logan avoids DLO FAIL even better, proving that some designs improve over time.

But there's no shame in owning a last-gen Logan in Rio. To the contrary, it makes you an object of desire: you have a car and maybe even a place to park it!

IMG_4128Not all is perfect, as this Renault Duster shows. The "footprint" of DLO FAIL is present on the fender. Without that black plastic triangle of super-cheat, it's clear why a poor meeting of door/fender/a-pillar is a problem in car design.

IMG_4129Implementing the Logan's footprint-free stamping would clean things up. On the cheap!

IMG_4135Similarly, the 2008-12 Renault Sandero Stepway needed a good Logan-izing around the A-pillar to eliminate DLO FAIL in a low-budget redesign.

I know the photo quality disappoints, but I'm not hanging around to get mugged: photos are quick, walking down the street is done with purpose. Ish.

IMG_4381It's amazing how the wedgy and minimalist 1980s Fiat Uno(?) looks so out of date compared to modern hatchbacks, even with its "fail-free" daylight opening.

IMG_4383The new Peugeot 208 has a unique take on A-pillar DLO FAIL, pinching it down to accentuate the roof line's inherent speed. (too bad about the colossal C-pillar FAIL) It's not horrible, relative to its place in the world of pointless black triangles: we'd be lucky to get this in the States.

IMG_4384Speaking of, Honda's horrible design failure (a glass DLO extension and a plastic triangle) made itself known in Rio: reminding us that pricier machines (relative to the Logan) aren't necessarily a better design.

IMG_4170But don't take my word for it,  agrees…he drove it!

Marcelo suggests it's an Engineer's car, not a Designer's car. Not true: like the beauty of affordable housing from post-WWI to today, the Renault Logan looks good (well, good enough) and doesn't resort to stupid car design cliches to win buyers around the world.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a lovely week.


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