Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Internet Speculation Confirmed: Hi-Po McLaren 650S to Be Called “675LT” and Have 666 Horsepower

McLaren 675LT wheel

The internet exploded—key distinction, as it did not "break"—when McLaren released a photo of what appeared to be a camouflaged 650S and promised that whatever it was would be revealed at the 2015 Geneva auto show. Speculation ran rampant, but most seemed to settle on the car's potential name—675—and others still indicated it could carry "Longtail" branding, based on the camo's pattern made up of drawings of the original McLaren F1 GT Longtail homologation special. Guess what? The internet was right.


McLaren has confirmed that its superspecial Geneva debut will be named "675LT," for its metric output of 675 PS—this converts, wickedly, to 666 horsepower—and the reintroduced Longtail name. As its name suggests, the 675LT will feature an extended tail for better aerodynamics, and in keeping with the F1 GT Longtail theme, it'll be lighter and perform better than the 650S it's based on.

The 675LT will join McLaren's newly formed Super Series positioned above the Sports Series née P13 (other Supersters include the regular 650S and the Asia-only 625C), and more details and information will be uncovered closer to the Geneva show in March. The P1 GTR also will rear its head in Geneva, and the new Sports Series likely will pop out there, too. In the meantime, you can watch a video McLaren has released showing the 675LT's wheel spinning in a puddle . . . in slow motion.

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