Thursday, January 29, 2015

General Motors Discussing Jeep Wrangler Challenger For GMC

2015 GMC Sierra

Remember when we told you that GMC wanted a "professional-grade" Jeep Wrangler? General Motors wants one for the brand, too.

The Wall Street Journal reports GM recently sought feedback from its dealers regarding the market viability of a Wrangler challenger joining GMC's lineup of trucks, crossovers and SUVs, the idea of which has been "kicked around real hard" according to one insider. The automaker's growing interest comes as 150,000 units of the iconic vehicle left for the Rubicon or college in 2014, some of them going for as much as $50,000 fresh out of Ohio. The Wrangler also boasts one of the highest resale values around, second only to the Toyota Tacoma in 2015 per Kelley Blue Book.

As for what a GMC Wrangler would look like, GM said its Jeep would take cues from Hummer's orphaned offerings; Hummer joined Pontiac, Saturn and Saab in the afterlife back in 2009 during the dark days of the Great Recession. The new model — still in the discussion phase without a name or a green light — would also help GMC capitalize on the brand's own success, with sales rising 11 percent on the backs of the Sierra and Yukon in 2014 to 501,853.

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