Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Software Update Barely Makes Dent In Tesla Model S “Vampire” Issue

Tesla S at Seattle Auto Show 2013

Standby power — or vampire draw — allows consumer goods such as smartphones, cloud-enabled laptops and PS4s to wake up immediately to do whatever it is you need them to do. There are drawbacks, of course, such as the wasting of resources (money, electricity, the things that make electricity happen) and fires.

Speaking of fires, Tesla may need to cast more sunlight upon the S's vampire draw issues, as it would appear their latest software update hasn't done much to drive the stake into its heart if one owner's experience is to be believed.

The cause for the vampire drain overall was a software update that fixed a number of issues found in the original version of the sedan's operating system when the latter was put into sleep mode. By "fixed," of course, the automaker merely disabled sleeping altogether.

What happened next? The standby power went from 1 percent every 24 hours to as much as 8 percent in the same time period, depending on what model one owned.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk addressed this issue in March of this year, promising a new sleep mode update in July would bring the draw down to a much more reasonable 0.2 percent.

While the update would ultimately arrive in late fall, the owner found his S drained 15 miles of indicated range every 24 hours, down from a peak of 23 miles when the S was first tested earlier this year. Not quite 0.2 percent, though the Best & Brightest are questioning the owner's methodology in the comments.

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