Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Volvo Completes First Successful Test of Road Train Technology on Public Roads in Spain

Volvo road train test

Like many automakers, safe-car maven Volvo has introduced some semi-autonomous technology in its cars in the past few years—City Safety being the big one. But it also has been working on a little side project called SARTRE. The clunky acronym stands for "Safe Road Trains for the Environment," and it is a collaborative effort between Volvo and engineering firm Ricardo, as well as several universities and research institutions. As the project's title reveals, the SARTRE joint venture aims to bring so-called "road trains"—several cars autonomously following a human-driven lead car on open stretches of road—into reality. And bring them to reality the team did, as it has announced the completion of a successful test on public roads outside Barcelona, Spain. Read full story »

from Car and Driver Blog http://blog.caranddriver.com

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