Monday, May 28, 2012

Question: What Was the First Car You Thought Was the Coolest Thing Ever?

Many of our readers have some interesting first-car-ride memories, but most of us had no personal choice in the matter. At some point after your very earliest hazy memory of being in a moving steel room on wheels, however, you remember the first car that made you do a double-take and say the little-kid equivalent of "Damn! Look at that thing!" In my case, this car was a thing, and I mean that literally; the Volkswagen Thing first appeared on California streets when I was six years old, and I was utterly hypnotized by the weird boxy car that looked something like an Apollo Lunar Rover.
Yes, the Thing looked like a car designed by a six-year-old, and that probably explains its appeal to me at the time. Sort of an embarrassing choice of First Intolerably Cool Car (though at the time I thought my parents' Fiat 128s were the coolest-sounding cars ever), and I sort of wish for a time machine that would let me go back and point my six-year-old self in the direction of the Mazda Cosmo Sport 110. Can't change the past, though, and I still think the Thing looks cool (though I'd sooner drive a '79 Olds Starfire Firenza than spend every weekend adjusting the valves on a rust-happy Malaise rättleträp based on a 75-year-old military-vehicle design). So, what's the car that first made your jaw drop?

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