Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dangerous Trend: Running Red Lights

Red apparently meant "Go" to more than 2 million drivers last year, according to a study by the National Coalition for Safer Roads. Its report found that more than 2.3 million drivers in 18 states ran a red light in 2011.

The coalition used data from 1,240 red-light safety cameras across 142 areas in 18 states and collected alarming results.

Certain days and times are more dangerous than others. According to the study, Memorial Day weekend ranked as the most dangerous, with 26,787 red-light violations logged in 2011; that's 27% more than during the average weekend.  Fridays and afternoons are also hazardous. NCSR's report recorded 378,122 red-light running violations on Fridays in 2011, and 30.7% of all red-light violations occurred from 1 to 5 p.m.

The group commissioned the study to raise driver awareness of the dangers of red-light running. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, intersection-related vehicle accidents caused more than 8,500 causalities in 2011.

"This report shines a light on the life-threatening epidemic of red-light running on our nation's roads. This new information reveals when we are most vulnerable on the road. We're arming drivers, cyclists and pedestrians with knowledge they can use to keep themselves and their families safer on the road. Drivers everywhere need to make a more conscious effort to be aware on the roadways—no matter the time or the place," David Kelly, NCSR president and executive director, said in a statement.

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