Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chevrolet Bowtie Appearing On Manchester United Shirts?

We're often accused of having an anti-GM bias here at TTAC, but this article will reveal another prejudice, considered ugly by some, but one that I firmly believe in.

Manchester United can go to hell! There, I said it. I'm a Liverpool supporter and I can't stand them. In any case, the apparent tie-up between Man U and Chevrolet is a shrewd move for the brand, which is looking to expand its profile in Europe (where Chevrolet sales are up) and Asia (where the club has a strong profile).

Soccer know-nothings tend to buy Manchester United gear since it's the only club they really know about, and having a Chevrolet logo plastered on Man U's shirts (European clubs often have sponsor logos on the front) will be a great way to get the Chevrolet name and logo out there. The official announcement will take place on Thursday in Shanghai. Perhaps this is why GM decided to stop their Super Bowl ad campaigns.

from The Truth About Cars

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