Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Is America’s Most Dangerous Car. Wait, There Are More

Most dangerous: Dodge Ram 1500

By now, you probably have heard (enough) of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) top safety picks. The IIHS provides an Academy Award worthy number of different categories, which assure that anybody can be a winner. But what are America's most unsafe cars? This remained a secret until 24/7 Wall Street started digging.

Second most dangerous: Chevrolet Colorado Crew CabThey took the seven current-generation models that received a "marginal" or "poor" rating in two of the four categories. Then, 24/7 Wall St. combined the data  with records from Consumer Reports, NHTSA crash safety ratings, and JD Power's  Initial Quality Study, to arrive on a list of "The Most Dangerous Cars in America."

Third most dangerous: Mazda CX 7

In analyzing the data, it appears that the thumbs downs are pretty much consistent. Models that rated badly in the IIHS rankings usually received similarly poor reviews elsewhere.

Rank  Nameplate  Make  Bad ratings  2011 sales  Price  JDP IQS
1 Ram 1500  Dodge side-marginal; rollover-marginal 156,983 $22,120  2/5
2 Colorado Crew Cab Chevrolet side-poor; rollover-marginal; rear-marginal 31,026 $17,475  3/5
3 CX-7 Mazda rollover-marginal; rear-marginal 35,641 $22,190  4/5
4 CX-9 Mazda rollover-marginal; rear-marginal 34,421 $29,725  4/5
5 Pathfinder Nissan rollover-marginal; rear-marginal 25,935 $29,290  3/5
6 Wrangler Jeep side-marginal (2-door); side-poor (4-door); rear-marginal (both) 122,460 $22,970  3/5
7 SX4 Suzuki rollover-marginal; rear-marginal 12,520 $13,849  2/5

Customers appear blasé about the shoddy safety of these cars. Says 24/7 Wall Street:

"The poor ratings of these models do not appear to have affected their sales. In fact, sales of all models are up from last year. In all but one case, according to data provided by, sales grew at least 19% last year. And while most of these models' sales are still below 2007 levels, sales the Jeep Wrangler not only increased the most but also jumped 50% since then."

from The Truth About Cars

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