Sunday, May 27, 2012

LeMons North Dallas Hooptie: Winners!

Last night, about halfway through the 24-straight-hours North Dallas Hooptie, the El Camino-ized Pulp Friction BMW 325i was leading the race and the —ing With Bad Ideas Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle held a strong advantage over its Class C competition. When the checkered flag waved this afternoon, those two teams had held their positions. Normally, we don't get too excited over a BMW E30 taking the overall win at a LeMons race (given the sheer overwhelming quantities of E30s we see in the series), but the Pulp Friction guys have been clawing at— and falling just short of— this goal for years now. Plus, they have Lambo doors on their car. Read full story »

from Car and Driver Blog

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