Friday, December 18, 2009

Volkswagen Passat CC R-Line

Volkswagen has published photos of so-called "charged" version of model Passat CC. Why "so-called"? Yes all is very simple – from technical point of view Passat CC R-Line differs nothing from usual cars.

However, experts in marketing Volkswagen say that in this case from model which has proud prefix R-Line, and it was not required establishments of records of speed. Such car have created only for beauty. And looks Passat CC R-Line really better, than usual Passat CC.

«R Line» has received a new front bumper, lateral mouldings, blacked-out headlights. Besides, Passat CC R-Line has stylish 17-inch wheel disks (at desire it is possible to put and 18-inch). And in interior there were the aluminium mouldings, a new steering wheel. In general, quite good factory tuning. Which, besides, costs not too expensively – 2200 euros for the complete set.

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