Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Volkswagen Amarok

German edition Auto Motor and Sport has published official photos of the serial pickup first in the history of company Volkswagen which will be accessible not only to Americans, but also inhabitants of Europe.

It is interesting that is primary Volkswagen Amarok, the pickup will be called so, first must bet shown only in January, 2010 during start of rally Dakar - Amarok will represent itself as there an escort car of command Volkswagen. Germans have absolutely fairly judged that difficult rally to which the great attention from outside motorists will be chained, becomes an excellent advertising platform for new model.

Apparently, at first Amarok will be sold in more comfortable version with a double cabin (the length of the car will make 5250 mm), however, in 2010-2011 there should be more accessible cars with an unary and "one-and-a-half" cabin (in the latter case will be two doors, but in interior it will appear nevertheless two rows of seats). Load-carrying capacity of the car with a double cabin makes 1,15 ton.

Base equipment Amarok will be rather modest that, however, it is peculiar to German cars. Here there will be only ABS (the truth, with driving function on impassability), safety pillows, adjustable front armchairs, a bulb in a baggage compartment. But here in "heaped more up" versions Trendline and Highline already there will be CD-player, the multipurpose display, the air conditioner, fog lights and so on.

Under a car cowl there will be one of two diesel engines. Or the 2,0-litre unit which gives out 163 h.p. at 1500 "turns" and 400 Nm. Or more modest motor capacity of 122 h.p. and 340 Nm. The drive gear at desire of the buyer can be full.

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