Saturday, September 26, 2015

Two More Locals Reject Proposed UAW-FCA US Contract

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Two more local unions rejected the proposed four-year contract deal between FCA US and the UAW Friday, adding to the growing opposition as voting continues.

Per The Detroit News, overwhelming majorities at Trenton Engine Complex in Trenton, Mich. and Toledo Machinery in Toledo, Ohio made their displeasure with the deal known by casting their votes against agreement. At Trenton, 80 percent of production workers and 71 percent of skilled trades voted down the contract, while 71.5 percent at Toledo felt the same, as reported by UAW Local 372 and Amalgamated Local 1435, respectively. The two plants join Dundee Engine, Sterling Stamping, and Kokomo Casting in rejecting the proposal.

Meanwhile, voting continues for Sterling Heights Assembly, Toledo Assembly Complex, Warren Truck Plant and Belvidere Assembly, all four accounting for over 16,000 of the 40,000 which would be affected by the proposal, which includes $3,000 ratification bonuses (down $500 from the previous bonuses in 2011); wage increases for both tiers; massive profit-sharing tied to FCA's North American operations; a narrowed pay gap between entry and veteran employees; and $5.3 billion in plant investments.

The agreement, however, does not eliminate the two-tier wage system established in 2007 among the Detroit Three, nor does it cap the number of entry-level workers hired. Other issues noted by those voting against include a lack of focus on alternative work schedules, lack of information on a new union health care co-op, and the increase in wages being not enough.

Should the proposal be rejected, the UAW and FCA US could go back to negotiations, the union could vote to strike, or the union could turn its attentions to General Motors and Ford.

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