Wednesday, September 30, 2015

About That United Auto Workers Contract With Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

UAW Wages

it's probably dead.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the deal appears to be mathematically impossible after several large locals voted down the proposed contract this week.

The margins of defeat have been growing since Mopar and axle operators workers voted down the proposal by just over 50 percent and 65 percent last week, according to reports. Workers in Toledo, which builds the Jeep Wrangler and may lose the Cherokee to Sterling Heights, Michigan in order to build more Wranglers, voted overwhelmingly against the proposal; 87 percent declined the contract according to the Free Press.

Union workers at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles plants say that the contract, which does not specify production sites or moving plans — such as shifting truck and car production — doesn't assuage concerns that more jobs will be lost to Mexico.

According to reports, workers at FCA plants have voiced concerns that the proposed UAW contract didn't provide a clear path for lower-paid, entry workers to make as much as veteran Tier 1 workers. Newly hired Tier 2 workers, who make on average $9 less per hour than Tier 1 employees, comprise about 45 percent of FCA's hourly workforce.

UAW President Dennis Williams dismissed concerns that the contract didn't make clear a path to higher wages, saying that workers could apply for higher paying jobs within FCA.

The workers have also expressed concerns that the health care cooperative, created as a way to control costs, is lacking clear details.

Voting on the contract will continue Wednesday, but it's unclear what may happen when workers turn down the proposal. Negotiators for the union and FCA could work again on a new deal, workers may strike or limit future work at FCA's plants.

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