Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Diesel GM Canyon/Colorado Twins First to Feel EPA’s Wrath


The diesel versions of the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon will be the first to undergo increased scrutiny from the Environmental Protection Agency after the recent Volkswagen scandal turned emissions reporting on its head.

According to Automotive News, a spokesman for GM said the testing could slightly delay the truck's fourth-quarter release.

"The EPA and CARB told us they are going to do on-road testing," Chevrolet Trucks assistant chief engineer Scott Yackley told Automotive News.

The diesel trucks in the U.S. will use Selective Catalyst Reduction (urea) systems to scrub emissions of nitrogen oxides.

The XLD28 engine (aka "baby Duramax") doesn't use diesel exhaust fluid systems in other parts of the world, but U.S. trucks will be the first to get that application.

According to a Chevrolet spokesman, the diesels will comply with all emissions standards in its on-road testing.

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