Thursday, September 26, 2013

Court Order May Finally Get Chicago EV Charging Network Fully Operational


After a ruling in federal court, a Chicago area electric vehicle charging network may finally become completely operational. The quick charging stations were installed under a $1.9 million federal grant, but two contractors who installed them for the network's original owner, 350Green, had been locked in a legal battle over ownership of the system.

The court ruled that the charging stations be turned over to JNS power, an Arlington Heights based electric contractor which had installed about 40% of the stations. The other contractor, Car Charging Group, based in Florida, said that it would appeal the ruling. 350Green had made deals with both companies earlier this year to take over the charging stations. The city of Chicago had terminated it agreement with 350Green last April when allegations surfaced that the company fraudulently submitted evidence of payments made to contractors that were not in fact paid. In July, the company's officers were the subject of a FBI search.

Of 219 charging stations scheduled to be installed under the program, 51 remain uninstalled. Those stations that were installed have been abandoned while the legal battle over who owns them has continued. Some work, some don't, and some are the subject of contractor liens. Some stations that work, can't be used because you can't buy one of the cards needed to use them.

JNS said that it will be moving the project forward as soon as possible. An attorney for JNS said, "Our client is obviously satisfied with the court's decision and the expedited nature by which the court rendered its decision. JNS is looking forward to getting this federally funded city project back on track to provide an efficient network of car charging stations to the entire Chicago metropolitan area."

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