Monday, February 25, 2013

What Automotive “How To” Would Mean A Lot To You?


Late night conversation with Kreindler, "Hey Steve! Do you know what one of our top articles of all-time is?"

"The one where Bertel put a sex toy on the front of the page?"

"Hah! No, the one about changing your oil."

"Really?! Well if Yahoo (recent!) and Jalopnik (recent!) want to feature my work, I guess I should throw my old stomping grounds a bone."

There are a slew of topics that I have covered over the last six years. 500+ articles in all, and more than a few of them covered a "How To Do This" slant of automotive wisdom that would still have plenty of relevance today.

Time buries a lot of this content when you're at a site that averages close to a hundred articles a week.  About a year ago, I started to do Hammer Time Rewinds and all other sorts of revised articles in the hope that this knowledge would help push the weekend traffic here at TTAC.

That did help a bit. But not nearly as much as what would be possible if all this past material was organized and supplemented with new knowledge. Most especially from those of you who comment and share your ideas and experiences. In all these years, I have yet to write about a topic where one of our own hasn't provided with an even better understanding of the topic at hand.

So that's where you come into play. TTAC will be dedicating some major real estate towards featuring articles that have a helpful bent for auto enthusiasts. As well as those folks who simply want to Google a solution for their passion free rides. If I help others become long-term car owners, instead of perpetual debtors, I feel like this site has truly served a greater common good.

Think about yourself. Your parents. Your children. Even your friends and acquaintances. What "How To" articles would help push the ownership experience to it's furthest limits of personal satisfaction?

Thanks for all you do. All the best!

from The Truth About Cars

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