Wednesday, February 27, 2013

KTM X-Bow GT Pushes Boundaries of Grand Touring Name [2013 Geneva Auto Show]


KTM's X-Bow four-wheeled, carbon-fiber go-kart thing might be an awesome piece of high-performance machinery—it's one of the quickest cars ever to compete in our annual Lightning Lap track test—but it's impressive stats aren't very good at repelling water. The track-day special, until now, has come sans roof, doors, or a proper windscreen, meaning the pleasantness of drives home from the circuit are directly proportional to temperature and precipitation levels. Enter the KTM X-Bow GT debuting at the 2013 Geneva auto show, which gets side windows and a real windshield.


This more tolerable X-Bow isn't much of a surprise, since last year the company let slip it was planning a new X-Bow variant with the GT's upgrades, as well as a "coming home device" that sounded suspiciously like part of a roof. The vestigial roof has yet to be detailed, but the windshield and side windows are visible in this batch of images KTM released. If you're eyeing the "GT" part of the latest X-Bow variant's name with suspicion, well, so are we. Cars such as the Aston Martin Vanquish, the Bentley Continental GT, and Mercedes-Benz's SL-class typify the grand touring breed with a mixture of speed, comfort, and grace. KTM's idea of grand touring appears to involve throwing buyers a bone by way of a rudimentary barrier between the driver's face and insects.


In all truth, that upgrade alone makes the X-Bow GT leaps and bounds more luxurious than its naked sibling, but there's still more than a little comedy in KTM's name choice. So far, KTM has only released these images of the X-Bow GT, but we expect more info to be revealed in Geneva. We're most looking forward to the brand's final decision over whether to bring the X-Bow to the U.S., which we expect will be made soon.

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