Thursday, December 27, 2012

Volkswagen 'Snowareg' is Ultimate Winter Attack Vehicle


As the Northeast continues to be pounded by a severe blast of winter weather, including as much as a foot of snow in some places, many motorists might find that their all-wheel-drive SUV just isn't tough enough. If only there were an SUV … with tank tracks.

The snow-savvy Swedes have just the thing: The Volkswagen Snowareg. While little information is available on the Snowareg beyond some photos on Volkswagen Sweden's Facebook page, what you're looking at is a Touareg V-8 TDI that VW outfitted with caterpillar tracks more commonly found on, say, a bulldozer or a Panzer.

According to, the Snowareg sends 340 horsepower and 590 pounds-feet of torque to a modified set of treads at each wheel. Judging by the photos, Autoblog stated, the Snowareg "appears to come with the full bevy of VW options, including Dynaudio stereo, panoramic moonroof, dual-zone climate control and (of course) heated seats."

No word on fuel economy, but think of the Fix-A-Flat savings alone.

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