Thursday, December 27, 2012

Honda Previews New Civic TV Spot Ahead of Rose Bowl


Honda has given fans of its Civic compact a sneak preview of the new advertising coming with the redesigned 2013 model, slated to debut next week during the Rose Bowl game on January 1.

2013 Honda Civic Photo Gallery

The one-minute-long YouTube spot, entitled "Things Can Always be Better" shows a host of innovative technologies and products, culminating with the new Civic hybrid, sedan, and two-door "Si" — interestingly not calling it the Civic coupe. We've embedded the full spot below.

Honda undertook a crash redesign of the Civic after the recent 2011 redesign was roundly panned by critics, losing several coveted recommendations and falling off many top choice lists. The criticism didn't seem to bother buyers however, who continued to flock to Honda showrooms to snap up the new Civic, making it one of the best-selling vehicles of 2012 in the United States.

The redesigned model was unveiled at last month's Los Angeles Auto Show, and gets a more upscale interior, new front and rear fascias, and more standard equipment in what is largely a bid to satisfy the media critics of the car, as consumers have apparently been quite happy with the latest version. The improvements are indeed substantial however, and are likely to make the popular compact even more so.

2013 Honda Civic: Photo Gallery
2013 Honda Civic Sedan: Up Close
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