Monday, August 18, 2008

DIY 225 MPG XR3 car kit to finally arrive at $ 25,000!

The initial thought that one gets from looking at this piece of news is that the market for DIY Hydrogen kits is not all that good considering that this was supposed to hit the markets a whole year back and is actually about to be available now. The three-wheeled DIY 225 MPG XR3 car kit that we viewed in March 2007, we thought, would be available for zipping around roadways in it by May. But it has been more than a year since and someone tell you that it is finally ready for commercial sale!

The video of the modified car is interesting and it looks pretty futuristic. The kit is a lot more difficult to deal with than earlier expected and unless someone is a hardcore auto enthusiast, you are unlikely to get anywhere near it. Everything else looks pretty set in place and we hope that we finally can get our hands on the kit this time around unlike last time when ‘soon’ meant ‘more than a year’. Hopefully the ‘soon’ this time would mean ‘somewhere in 2008’!

Via: gizmodo

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