Thursday, August 21, 2008

BMW N3: Reinventing the concept of BMW!

It is nice to see designers of Concept Cars thinking not just the boundaries of reinventing shapes but also traditions. The BMW N3 concept is moving away from the tradition of BMW with flowing design that is quite different from the traditional BMW design. The car looks more like a futuristic concept that is all about style and design with compact basic form that is prefect for city commuting.

It seems that the concept car designers of today are designing cars only for travelling within the city and they are not really too bothered about designing models that last a long distance test. It is almost as if they have resigned to believing that they have left the job of designing the lasting engines and long-distance cars to the big boys of the auto world. The N3 is about integrating flowing curves as the windshield takes over the design to a large extent with no separating lines from the hood.

It is the aerodynamic back-wing of the car that seems to accentuate the design and add something more to the car. The BMW N3 looks fine for a concept car but might take a long way to materialize!

Via: milosparipovic

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