Friday, May 30, 2008

Leave sunlight in the shade

Regulations for having windows tinted can be daunting, but with the Privacy Shades there are no such worries. The dark fabric fits over the rear windows from the B-pillar backwards, ensuring you stay legal.

The shades are model specific, but the maker claims it covers most new European and Japanese vehicles on sale.

Looking like in-car sun blinds, the rigid frame fits the window outline perfectly. They are secured by clips that slide between the glass and interior trim, and extras are included to give a tighter fit on heavily curved windows. Fitting and removal is simple, and we had them installed on our Kia Pro_cee’d within minutes. The roughest of roads didn’t disturb them and they were rattle-free, too. They can be fitted to lowered windows, although the maker warns against travelling at the limit with them in that state. Up close, the shades look like sun blinds, but from a distance they do a convincing impression of proper tints. Yet as many new cars come with tinted windows already, their appeal will be limited

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