Thursday, May 29, 2008

Audi Engine Strategy Through 2011 Leaked

Someone in the know over at has spilled forth a detailed list of all Audi brand engines for all models through the 2011 calender year — and the release dates for new models. In addition to the big engine news, the leakers claim that we'll be seeing the rumored Audi A7 model in June of 2010, as well as an S7 version following that fall, and a return to form for the next generation Audi S4. Look below for a detail look at what's coming up for Audi in the next three years.

Audi A1
Starting at the bottom of the grid, the Audi A1 will maintain the currently planned 1.4 TFSI, but will get an 86 HP 1.2-liter TFSI good for a little less power but will be quite a bit easier on European wallets.

Audi S4
It seems the B8 Audi S4 will be returning to its twin-turbo V6 roots, as early as this coming November. News of this respite from V8 shenanigans comes with virtually all positive notes, considering the engine is to displace 3.0 L but grunt out 330 HP, only 10 shy of the current iteration. Add in lighter weight and the same treatment for the Avant versions and everyone's happy.

Audi S5
In September 2010 the S5 will be dumping its current V8 mill for the same twin-turbo 3.0 L TFSI V6 in the S4. This will be a cut in power, but like we said about the S4, it's not giving up much and will lighten up that porky bottom line. What's perhaps more interesting is the introduction of an Audi RS5. It will retain the same 4.2-liter V8 in the current S5, but gets a whopping increase in power up to 450 HP. With such power on tap it's a good thing there will be a new 7-speed to keep it in check.

Audi S5 Sportback

The previously unknown S5 Sportback will be on sale as of September 2010 and will get the 3.0 L twin-turbo TFSI mated to a 6-speed manual, or a 7 speed auto. We're beginning to see a theme here with S-line engines, aren't you? Hopefully this new engine won't have many teething problems.

Audi A7 Sportback
Being called the Audi A7 "Sportback" leads us to believe this as-yet unseen and unheard of version of the A7 will have a certain wagony-goodness to it, but who knows. Perhaps it'll be a big old five door, swiping the hardware from the Skoda Superb. Anyway, we digress. The A7 Sportback gets a 2.8L FSI, a 3.0 L TFSI, and a bevy of oil burners. And now what's this? An S7 Sportback? Why yes, yes it is. And this one gets a 4.0 L TFSI with 395 HP! While that's no RS6 Avant, it's nothing to sneeze at.

Audi R8 Spyder

When we got the first images of that Audi R8 V10, we couldn't even speculate on a release date for the thing. Now we know the plan is for the hardtop version of the upgraded V10-powered R8 to roll out in June of 2009, and those wacky Germans are going to hack the top off and give you the R8 Spyder in March, 2010. The lesser 4.2 L V8 will follow a little later for the Spyder, just in case you were interested.

Audi Q7
While there's no earth shattering engine news on the Audi Q7 front, these docs report a facelift for the bulky-UV coming in August of next year. So, you know, if the looks are what keep you from taking the plunge, maybe wait a year and see if you like the changes.

There's an exhaustive breakdown of models, engines, and dates over at Audiblog, the original leakers. Good stuff fellas, now all the surprises are gone, thanks a lot (no, really). [via WCF]

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