Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Berlingo Ate My Baby! Citroën Shows Off Funky Mountain Vibe Concept

Citroën Berlingo Mountain Vibe Concept

During Deep Purple's fertile Ritchie Blackmore era, the band went out to Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva, to track what would become their rock 'n' roll monolith, Machine Head. The theatre they'd intended to make the album in burned down when some joker fired a flare gun into the ceiling, leaving Purple to scramble to find a new place to record. The result of the escapade, of course, was "Smoke on the Water", an earworm that steadfastly refuses to vacate our skulls during the Geneva auto show.

Citroën Berlingo Mountain Vibe Concept

When Blackmore left Deep Purple, he pillaged a band called Elf for musicians and opened his new band's album with the indelible "Man on the Silver Mountain", a song that has not been tainted by its use in a Coors commercial, largely owing to the sheer conviction Ronnie James Dio brings to the song's puzzling lyrics. We can't say that Citroën's Berlingo-based Mountain Vibe concept brings the same level of gravity to its silliness.

Set to debut in Geneva (duh), the Mountain Vibe features hot-pink accents and chains on the tires. Citroën claims that that the butch Berlingo features "a full range of body reinforcements and accessories to enjoy nature, explore hill and dale, and reach for the highest summits." All right then, Tenzing Norgay, here's your foofy adventure machine. Swiss time is running out, buddy. If he hadn't died two years ago, we'd suggest giving Funky Claude a call. He would've been up for a low-key jaunt in the Alps, we're sure of it. Maybe the Art Basel guy will go with you?

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